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The project background:

A company from Xinjiang has 18000T refrigeration storage. The storage formed by minus 1st storey to minus 4th storey. There are totally 27 storage rooms, and 4 preparation refrigeration rooms for fruits, vegetables. The temperature range indoor is from 0to 4the relative humidity: 80% ~ 95%.

Energy Saving Project Design:

The whole refrigeration system split into 4 sections, each section has a refrigerating equipment. These refrigerating units are in charge of the corresponding storey refrigeration. The refrigerating units are the air cooled screw type. The indoor heat exchange facilities are the fin type fan coil unit. The whole system can ensure the refrigeration storage cooling load. And it can automatically adjust the units running and stopping according to the practical heat load, achieving the whole aspect energy saving control. The whole system chooses automatic computer remote centralized control, saved the human labor on each unit operation, maximally improved the system stability and the management quality. It can help customer save a lot management cost. Generally, a reliable modernized intelligent management system can save 25% management cost, at the same time the product quality are greatly improved.


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