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XinHe International Hotel Central A/C Energy Saving Design

Project basic profile.
The hotel located on Huazhou, Maoming, the western part of Guangdong province. This hotel is a Five Stars Comprehensive hotel. Built on the joint of the Jian river and the Luo river, The total building space reach 70000m2

The customer demands.

  1. In the summer, the total cooling  load shall be 1600RT
  2. In the winter, there is a short period heating demands, total heat load shall be 350RT
  3. Daily live domestic water demand is 120T


The basic configuration of original design project.
1.      The refrigerating equipment total load is 1600RT, ensured the       summer cooling demands.
2.      Combined with 20T/h hot water boiler.
3.      The winter choose plate type heat exchanges for partial heating.

The basic configuration of the energy saving project design.

  1. The refrigerating equipment total load is 1200RT.
  2. The 400RT heat recovery facility can generate 38T hot water per hour.
  3. The winter heating adopt the plate type heat exchange for partial heating.

Comparison between STARS Project and the Former Project
The energy saving project have the below advantages:

  1. Saved 127,942 USD than the former equipment investment
  2. One year running cost saving could be 198,530USD

Note :
The former investment are mainly on the boiler and the relative facilities, running fee is very low. The energy saving are mainly benefit to air conditioner running cost and the free domestic water.


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