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Shandong Qilu Chemical product line refrigeration project

Project profile

  1. To satisfy the total 2500, 000Kcal refrigeration capacity technical demands.
  2. To satisfy product line technical demands on the cooling water supply should maintain in -15±0.5°C.
  3. The technical need 85 °C hot water, 8T/hour.

Comparison with former design and new design
The former design profile:
銆1. Choose three sets stars low temperature chiller. Each has 774Kw refrigerating 銆銆銆capacity. Total 2321Kw

  1. Adopt 1 set 10T boiler to supply 85鈩 hot water.

The new design profile:

  1. Adopt 3 sets stars low temperature chillers with heat recovery,  each unit has 774Kw refrigerating capacity and 267Kw heat recovery capacity. Total refrigerating capacity could be 2321Kw, total heat recovery could reach 807Kw
  2. Heat recovery water temperature can reach 75 鈩, hot water amount could be 8.8T/hour . The boiler heat the 75 鈩 to 85 鈩 for the technical demands. Saved a lot energy on heating water.
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