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Low temperature chiller  
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Cooling range: 5TR – 650TR

Water/glycol outlet temp: 0,-5,-15,-20,-25,-35,-45,-50C


1)          Good cooling load performance especially designed for low temperature application.

2)          Reliable and durable (4 years compressor warranty for domestic sales)

3)          Lab tested before shipment for performance assurance

4)          Compact and easy serviceable for shell and tube type cooler and condenser

5)          Energy saving for heat recovery supply free hot water


▼Glycol Outlet Temperature: 0℃ to~-35℃;
▼Refrigerating Capacity: 71kW~625kW (varies with outlet temp.);
▼Refrigeration Cooling for Supermarket, Cold Storage, Hospital, pharmaceutical factory, Electronic factory, Food Processing, cold beverage, chemical factory, speedy frozen food processing, specific industrial applications;
▼ Cooling Capacity: 92kW~1445kW (up to 7002kW for multi-units);
▼ Reliable Full Warranty Covers 50000~80000 hrs trouble free running semi-hermetic compressor;
▼ Energy Saving EER: Class 4-2;
▼ Shell and Tube Type Evaporator and condenser, National Grade "BR1" High Pressure Vessels Certification, and D1, D2 Certification;
▼ Extra heavy Framework construction;
▼ CE Certification Product.

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